Patent Number: 7,029,065

Title: Ventilated seating system with improved low pressure performance

Abstract: The present invention provides a ventilated seating system. The ventilated seating system provides a back rest portion including an upper end and a lower end and a perforated duct positioned adjacent to the lower end of the back rest portion. The ventilated seating system further provides a seat base portion including a front end and a back end with the back end positioned adjacent to the perforated duct, and wherein air is drawn across a surface of the seat base portion and a surface of the back rest portion without passing through the seat base and the back rest portions, and into the perforated duct. The ventilated seating system may utilize a pressure differential to draw the air into the duct. To enhance operation, the system may further include adjustable perforated ducts. The adjustable perforated ducts may be adjusted manually or mechanically.

Inventors: Laib; Trevor M. (Bellevue, WA)

Assignee: The Boeing Company

International Classification: A47C 7/74 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018