Patent Number: 7,029,566

Title: Process of forming HA/ZrO.sub.2 complex coating on Co--Cr--Mo alloy

Abstract: In a process of forming a HA/ZrO.sub.2 complex coating on a Co--Cr--Mo alloy substrate, the substrate is subjected to electrolytic deposition respectively in a ZrO(NO.sub.3).sub.2 bath and a mixed solution of Ca(NO.sub.3).sub.2.4H.sub.2O and NH.sub.4H.sub.2PO.sub.4 to respectively form Zr(OH).sub.4 colloidal layer and Ca.sub.10(PO.sub.4).sub.6(OH).sub.2 layer. Then, the substrate is subjected to a low-temperature sintering process to convert the two layers into a HA/ZrO.sub.2 complex coating.

Inventors: Yen; Shiow-Kang (Taichung, TW)

Assignee: Chinese Petroleum Corporation

International Classification: C25D 5/50 (20060101); C25D 9/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018