Patent Number: 7,029,992

Title: Low oxygen content photoresist stripping process for low dielectric constant materials

Abstract: A plasma containing 5 10% oxygen and 90 95% of an inert gas strips photoresist from over a low-k dielectric material formed on or in a semiconductor device. The inert gas may be nitrogen, hydrogen, or a combination thereof, or it may include at least one of nitrogen, hydrogen, NH.sub.3, Ar, He, and CF.sub.4. The operating pressure of the plasma may range from 1 millitorr to 150 millitor. The plasma removes photoresist, the hard skin formed on photoresist during aggressive etch processes, and polymeric depositions formed during etch processes. The plasma strips photoresist at a rate sufficiently high for production use and does not appreciably attack carbon-containing low-k dielectric materials. An apparatus including a plasma tool containing a semiconductor substrate and the low oxygen-content plasma, is also provided.

Inventors: Shieh; Jyu-Horng (Hsin-Chu, TW), Su; Yi-Nien (Kaohsiung, TW), Tsai; Jang-Shiang (Xindian, TW), Yeh; Chen-Nan (Taipei County, TW), Tao; Hun-Jan (Hsin-Chu, TW)

Assignee: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

International Classification: H01L 21/322 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 4/18/02018