Patent Number: 7,042,119

Title: Linear motor

Abstract: A linear motor includes a row of permanent magnets fixed at a position above a stator, and a plurality of magnetic pole members fixed at a position below a movable member. The row of permanent magnets is formed from N poles and S poles alternately arranged at given intervals. The plurality of magnetic pole members extend toward the row of permanent magnets and in a vertical direction and have the same height. The extremities of the magnetic pole members oppose the row of permanent magnets via an air gap. The magnetic pole members are coated with insulators, and a former-wound coil is fitted around the insulator. The part of the magnetic pole member coated with the insulator, except for the extremity thereof, is made thin by the amount corresponding to the thickness of the insulator.

Inventors: Miyashita; Masahiro (Gunma, JP), Horikoshi; Atsushi (Gunma, JP)

Assignee: NSK Ltd.

International Classification: H02K 41/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018