Patent Number: 7,042,147

Title: Serpentine fluorescent lamp with shaped corners providing uniform backlight illumination for displays

Abstract: A bent fluorescent lamp for backlighting a display providing uniform illumination. A fluorescent lamp is made from a tubular glass envelope having right angles formed therein with shaped corners. The right angles provide improved illumination of a plane surface for backlighting a liquid crystal display. The right angles and shaped corners eliminate dark regions in the illuminated surface. A right-angled bend is also formed at the ends of the fluorescent lamp. An electrode is positioned sufficiently far from a central portion of the lamp so that any dark spaces in the gas discharge of the fluorescent lamp, such as the Faraday dark space associated with a cathode of a lamp are not formed within the central portion.

Inventors: Sauska; Christian (Orange, CT), Pirovic; Arpad (Woodbridge, CT)

Assignee: LCD Lighting, Inc.

International Classification: H01J 13/46 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018