Patent Number: 7,042,182

Title: Electronically commutated motor operable directly from AC power network

Abstract: An electronically commutated motor (10) is adapted to be powered directly by an AC voltage (U.sub.AC) source, and comprises a permanent-magnet rotor (18), a stator having at least one winding phase (L1, L2, . . . , Ln), a rectifier (38) which generates, from the AC voltage (U.sub.AC), a pulsating DC voltage (U.sub.B) between a positive lead (30) and a negative lead (32) of a DC link (15). Also present is a bridge circuit (28A, 28B, 28C), connected to that DC link (15) and provided to supply current to the at least one winding phase (L1, L2, . . . , Ln), which comprises a switching element (50) controllable with a control voltage (U.sub.ST) that is lower than the pulsating DC voltage (U.sub.B) to be switched. An auxiliary circuit (34, 34') generates, from the pulsating DC voltage (U.sub.B) at the DC link and from the AC voltage (U.sub.AC), a control voltage (U.sub.ST) for driving the switching element (50) that is lower than the pulsating DC voltage by an amount equal to a predetermined value (U.sub..DELTA.). A preferred filter (140) for connection to an AC power grid is described. A preferred embodiment of the circuit includes a bridge circuit having a p-channel MOSFET (50) at the positive lead (30) and an n-channel MOSFET (52) at the negative lead (32) of the DC link (15).

Inventors: Hahn; Alexander (Saludorf-Boll, DE), Rappenecker; Hermann (Vohrenbach, DE), Schmid; Harald (Emmingen, DE)

Assignee: ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG

International Classification: H01R 39/46 (20060101); H02K 13/00 (20060101); H02P 25/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018