Patent Number: 7,042,492

Title: Automatic door assembly with video imaging device

Abstract: An automatic door assembly for installation at a doorway formed through a wall of a building and for use in conjunction with a video device that is (a) capable of receiving a video data signal from a video imaging device monitoring a field of view and (b) processing the video data signal received from the imaging device into a form suitable for displaying images that are visually representative of the imaging device's field of view. The door assembly comprises a frame assembly that mounts to the building wall at the doorway thereof, a door panel that mounts to the frame assembly for movement between closed position and open positions, and a door controlling system. The door controlling system comprises a video imaging device mounted in a viewing position. The imaging device is provided by a digital or analog video camera. In the viewing position, the imaging device monitors a field of view that encompasses an approach area located adjacent to the doorway. The video imaging device transmits an internal video data signal comprising information representative of the field of view. The controlling system also comprises a detection system comprising a video signal processor that communicates with the video imaging device. The processor receives the internal video data signal from the imaging device and processes the information comprising the internal video data signal to determine whether a person or object has entered the approach area. The detection system transmits a door opening signal in response to the processor thereof determining that a person or object has entered the approach area. The door assembly also comprises a door operator connected to the door panel and communicated with the detection system. The door operator moves the door panel from the closed position thereof to the open position thereof responsive to receiving the door opening signal.

Inventors: Spinelli; Vito A. (Shelton, CT)

Assignee: The Stanley Works

International Classification: H04N 9/47 (20060101); H04N 7/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018