Patent Number: 7,042,600

Title: Method and apparatus for eliminating lamp strobing in a digital input scanner

Abstract: A method of eliminating strobing in successive scan lines of an image includes determining a nominal scan line time and an associated scan line integration time for the image sensor. A nominal illumination light source output period is determined for the illumination source. In order to ensure that the scan line integration time is equivalent to an integer number of illumination source light output periods, at least one of the nominal scan line integration time and the nominal illumination source light output period is adjusted. A clock signal, derived from the pixel clock, drives both the frequency circuitry of the lamp drive circuit and the integration time of the image sensor. The present method provides a reliable means for eliminating lamp strobing independent of the relative phasing of the lamp oscillation phase with respect to the start of each scan line integration.

Inventors: Herloski; Robert P. (Webster, NY), Taillie; Joseph P. (Pittsford, NY)

Assignee: Xerox Corporation

International Classification: H04N 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018