Patent Number: 7,043,139

Title: Method for addressing a bitstream recording

Abstract: In bitstream recording presentation data is organized into Video Object Units. These have a variable size but have also a variable duration. To allow access to any Video Object Unit in the bitstream a mapping list is used which is based on pieces of the bitstream of constant size per piece. The mapping list additionally contains for each of these pieces a specific delta duration which indicates the difference between the arrival time of the first packet of a piece and the arrival time of the packet following immediately the last packet of that piece, and contains an initialization value which allows to have a share of equal bits between a predetermined amount of MSBs of application time stamps and the same amount of LSBs of the summation of said delta time durations. The computation of the target SOBU address includes accumulating the initialization value and the delta durations until the given time value is most closely reached towards the target SOBU then multiplying the running index of this table entry by the constant piece size directly resulting in the address value to be accessed.

Inventors: Schiller; Harald (Hannover, DE), Keesen; Heinz-Werner (Hannover, DE), Winter; Marco (Hannover, DE)

Assignee: Thomson Licensing

International Classification: H04N 5/91 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018