Patent Number: 7,043,360

Title: Sensor unit

Abstract: In a sensor unit, an antenna section receives a high-frequency signal transmitted from a positioning system for output to a combining circuit. Also, in the sensor unit, a sensor section detects an angular velocity around one axis, and further detects an acceleration in directions of two axes (that is, X and Y axes) . Furthermore, the sensor section uses the detected angular velocity and acceleration to generate a data unit including at least data indicative of the angular velocity and data indicative of the acceleration. The sensor section then performs a digital modulation process with the generated data unit. The combining circuit combines the high-frequency signal output from the antenna section and a digital modulated signal output from the sensor section, and then outputs the resultant composite signal to a coaxial cable.

Inventors: Mitsunaga; Tomiyuki (Onojo, JP), Matsuoka; Takashi (Fukuoka, JP), Ichiba; Hisayuki (Onojo, JP), Magori; Hiroshi (Kasuga, JP)

Assignee: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G01C 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/09/02018