Patent Number: 7,044,318

Title: Electrical box with recessed faceplate

Abstract: An electrical box with recessed faceplate having a one-piece recessed faceplate and adapted to accommodate a two-piece recessed faceplate. A rear portion contains channels on the top, bottom, and sides. A connecting wall attaches the rear portion to the front portion. The connecting wall extends beyond the rear portion and preferably contains one or more apertures to accommodate releasable fasteners such as screws. These apertures and the channels assure that no screws or analogous components of another type of releasable fastener are not exposed within the box. The two-piece recessed faceplate has an inner portion and an outer portion which slide along each other in order to enable the box to be mounted at different distances from the mounting surface. Optionally, a removable cover extends across the mouth of the faceplate. An extender is also available for converting traditional electrical boxes into a box that can accommodate a recessed faceplate. And an alternative electrical box holds switches and is L-shaped.

Inventors: Gates, II; Clark H. (Parowan, UT)


International Classification: H02G 3/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018