Patent Number: 7,045,054

Title: Small volume biosensor for continuous analyte monitoring

Abstract: Sensors (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) and a method for detecting an analyte are described. Sensors (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) each have a volume of a hydrophilic medium (24) that retains an amount of analyte proportionate to the concentration of analyte in a biological fluid, electrodes (12) and a redox enzyme in contact with medium (24), and an electron transfer mediator. The fluid contacts sensors (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) and at initially predetermined intervals intermittently applies a potential to electrode (12) sufficient to oxidize the mediator and sensing current through electrode (12) as a function of the duration of the applied potential. The applied mediator oxidizing applied potential is maintained for a period of time sufficient to determine the rate of change of current with time through electrode (12). The current flow is correlated with the current flow for known concentrations of the analyte in medium (24).

Inventors: Buck; Harvey B. (Indianapolis, IN), Essenpreis; Matthias (Fremont, CA)

Assignee: Roche Diagnostics Corporation

International Classification: G01N 27/327 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018