Patent Number: 7,045,289

Title: Detection of RNA Sequences

Abstract: The present invention provides novel cleavage agents and polymerases for the cleavage and modification of nucleic acid. The cleavage agents and polymerases find use, for example, for the detection and characterization of nucleic acid sequences and variations in nucleic acid sequences. In some embodiments, the 5' nuclease activity of a variety of enzymes is used to cleave a target-dependent cleavage structure, thereby indicating the presence of specific nucleic acid sequences or specific variations thereof.

Inventors: Allawi; Hatim (Madison, WI), Bartholomay; Christian Tor (Madison, WI), Chehak; LuAnne (Janesville, WI), Curtis; Michelle L. (Cottage Grove, WI), Eis; Peggy S. (San Diego, CA), Hall; Jeff G. (Madison, WI), Ip; Hon S. (Madison, WI), Kaiser; Michael (Madison, WI), Kwiatkowski, Jr.; Robert W. (Verona, WI), Lukowiak; Andrew A. (Stoughton, WI), Lyamichev; Victor (Madison, WI), Ma; WuPo (Madison, WI), Olson-Munoz; Marilyn C. (Madison, WI), Olson; Sarah M. (Cross Plains, WI), Schaefer; James J. (Madison, WI), Skrzypczynski; Zbigniew (Verona, WI), Takova; Tsetska Y. (Madison, WI), Vedvik; Kevin L. (Madison, WI), Lyamichev; Natalie (Madison, WI), Neri; Bruce P. (Carlsbad, CA)

Assignee: Third Wave Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: C12Q 1/68 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018