Patent Number: 7,046,294

Title: Electronic still camera with printer

Abstract: An electronic still camera has a camera section for photographing a subject as an electronic image through an image sensor and recording it as digital image data in a memory, and a printer section for printing the electronic image on an instant photo film sheet based on the digital image data. In a normal power mode, the camera section and the printer section are supplied from their specific power sources separately from each other. The power source for the camera section is a primary battery of AA type, whereas the power source for the printer section is constituted of four secondary batteries of AA type. When the printer power source has run down, the camera may be switched to a low power mode, wherein the printer section as well as the camera section is supplied from the camera power source. When the camera power source has run down, the camera section may be supplied from the printer power source, or one of the batteries used as the printer power source may be replaced with the used-up battery of the camera power source.

Inventors: Sasaki; Hidemi (Saitama, JP)

Assignee: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H04N 5/225 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018