Patent Number: 7,046,816

Title: Coincident source stereo speaker

Abstract: A coincident source stereo speaker in accordance with the present invention includes a high-frequency component (tweeter) and a low-frequency component (woofer) that are separated by a sound channel. The tweeter emits a first sound pattern directly outward from the speaker, with the sound pattern having a corresponding high frequency center axis. The sound channel is located between the tweeter and woofer and is symmetrically oriented around the high-frequency component. The woofer emits a second sound pattern into the sound channel for re-direction out of the speaker. With this configuration, the second sound pattern has an effective low frequency center axis that is coincident with the high frequency center axis. As a result, the tweeter and woofer exhibit co-axial performance characteristics, even though they are not physically located co-axially.

Inventors: Vandersteen; Richard J. (Hanford, CA)


International Classification: H04R 25/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018