Patent Number: 7,047,558

Title: Secure terminal provided with a smart card reader designed to communicate with a server via an internet network

Abstract: The invention concerns an architecture of a terminal (5) allowing communications between a smart card (8) and a web server (4), via an internet network (RI). The terminal (5) is equipped with a secure enclosure (6) comprising a smart card reader (8), a keyboard (62), and optionally, other computing resources (63). The non-secure part of the terminal (5) comprises a web browser (51) and a first communication node (50) that routes the requests received to the browser (51) or to the secure enclosure (6). The secure enclosure (6) comprises a second communication node (60) and an HTTP server (61). The smart card (8) comprises a third communication node (80) and an HTTP server (81). The web server (4) comprises a merchant application (41) that can be placed in communication with the smart card (8) and activate software applications (A.sub.1 A.sub.n) of the latter.

Inventors: Mariana; Renaud (Le Chesnay, FR)

Assignee: CP8 Technologies

International Classification: G06F 7/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/16/02018