Patent Number: 7,084,974

Title: Apparatus and method for light spectrum measurement

Abstract: An apparatus and method for in situ spectral measurement is disclosed. The apparatus uses a low-resolution grating to disperse light and thereby image a spectrum thereof. The imaged spectrum is converted into a digital electrical signal and is processed in order to enhance the spectral information. The resulting spectral information is analogous to that captured using a higher resolution spectral imager with optical processing of the spectral data.

Inventors: Barwicz; Andrzej (Trios-Rivieres, CA), Morawski; Roman Z. (Warsaw, PL), Slima; Mohamed B. (Trios-Rivieres, CA)

Assignee: Measurement Microsystems A-Z, Inc.

International Classification: G01J 3/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018