Patent Number: 7,085,196

Title: Method and apparatus for gathering seismic data

Abstract: In the present invention, a seismic receiver contains an onboard digitizer that samples and converts a signal from detected seismic energy into the digital domain. The receiver contains an analog to digital converter, a transmission circuitry, and a link to the seismic detection circuitry. The signal from the seismic detection circuitry is converted into a digital signal, which is then relayed to the data recorder. These components are all resident to the receiver itself. Additional control circuitry is employed to provide clocking and testing functions. These receivers communicate with one another, and provide sampled seismic data on an individual basis. The components may be prepared on a PCB and put inside the receiver cap. The PCB may be flexible in nature, as to provide a maximum of surface mounted components in the smallest amount of space.

Inventors: Nemeth; Geza (Austin, TX)


International Classification: G01V 1/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018