Patent Number: 7,085,295

Title: Method and apparatus for searching for pilots over code space in a CDMA communication system

Abstract: Techniques to search for pilots over code space in a CDMA system. In one aspect, the pilot search is performed using a number of substages, and the search windows for each substage are selected such that the relevant code space is searched while reducing search time. In one specific implementation, two substages are used to search for pilots. The detect substage searches through (e.g., fixed-size) search windows to detect for peaks in the received signal. The dwell substage then searches through (e.g., variable-size) search windows to re-evaluate the detected peaks and remove noise peaks. The dwell windows may be formed such that a code space as small as possible is searched (to reduce search time) but large enough to account for possible drift in the detected peaks. Variable number of peaks may be provided by the dwell substage for the variable-size dwell windows.

Inventors: Gurski; Remi (San Diego, CA), Glazko; Serguei A. (San Diego, CA), Challa; Raghu (San Diego, CA)

Assignee: Qualcomm Incorporated

International Classification: H04J 3/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018