Patent Number: 7,085,639

Title: System and method for characterizing the road bank for vehicle roll stability control

Abstract: A control system (18) for an automotive vehicle (10) having a vehicle body has a roll angular rate sensor (34) generating a roll angular rate signal corresponding to an roll angular motion of the vehicle body. A controller (26) is coupled to roll rate sensor and a plurality of sensors. The controller (26) generates a linear road bank angle, first reference bank angle and a relative roll angle in response to the roll angle generator and the plurality of sensor signals. The controller (26) determines a first reference bank angle and generates a second reference bank angle in response to linear bank angle and a first reference bank angle, a bank angle adjustment factor. The bank angle adjustment is a function of a relative roll angle estimate. The controller (26) controls the safety system in response to the second reference bank angle estimate.

Inventors: Lu; Jianbo (Livonia, MI), Samuel; Stephen Varghese (Detroit, MI), Brown; Todd Allen (Dearborn, MI)

Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

International Classification: B60T 8/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018