Patent Number: 7,085,732

Title: Online trading for the placement of advertising in media

Abstract: An online trading system for conducting an advertiser initiated auction for the placement of an advertisement in a media, such as printed publications, billboards, radio, television, videos, network portals, web pages, and the like. An online session is conducted with the advertiser to form an auction ticket that specifies the price the advertiser is willing to pay for the advertisement. Also specified are dates the advertisement is to run, color preference, placement on a page or within the printed publication, and a list of media outlets from whom the advertiser wants to solicit bids. The media outlets are notified of the auction and given the auction ticket. Bids are submitted by specifying the amount of advertising space the media outlet is willing to allot for the specified price.

Inventors: Gould; Jedd Adam (Winsted, CT)


International Classification: G06Q 30/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018