Patent Number: 7,085,741

Title: Method and apparatus for managing digital content usage rights

Abstract: A method and an apparatus for specifying and editing rights associated with a content includes a general model that comprehends rights specification at different levels of the content life cycle. The rights specification includes content association, and the protection of the content is a byproduct of the content and rights association. The general model includes a rights component, a conditions component, a rights offer component, and a rights label component. The rights offers specify the relationship between rights and conditions. The rights labels are collections of the offers.

Inventors: Lao; Guillermo (Torrance, CA), Jacobs; Rory (Cypress, CA), Nguyen; Mai (Buena Park, CA), Ham; Manuel (Downey, CA), Tieu; Vincent (Torrance, CA)

Assignee: ContentGuard Holdings, Inc.

International Classification: G06Q 99/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018