Patent Number: 7,085,775

Title: Database method and system for conducting integrated dispatching

Abstract: A technique for integrating a pre-existing business system with a fleet management system. The pre-existing business system includes, for example, an accounting system, a warehousing system, a dock management system, a yard management system. These fleet management system uses, for example, a combination of a raster map and vector data to provide an easy-to-read display for managing objects or articles, e.g., vehicle, container. The method uses a host gateway to provide a TCP/IP or like interface between the various systems.

Inventors: Short, III; Charles F. (Belvedere, CA), Prabhakaran; Sanjiv (San Jose, CA)

Assignee: Sidewinder Holdings Ltd.

International Classification: G06F 17/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018