Patent Number: 7,085,899

Title: System and method of an efficient snapshot for shared large storage

Abstract: An efficient snapshot technique based on a mapping for a large logical volume shared in multiple hosts. According to the present invention, problems of time delays in a conventional snapshot technique is solved by employing a FAB and an SSB, which are bits representing whether a COW operation is carried out to a mapping entry. In other words, the present invention solves the problems of delaying a write operation of corresponding volume, which is simultaneously executed when a snapshot is created, until the snapshot creation is completed.

Inventors: Kim; Young Ho (Taejon, KR), Kang; Dong Jae (Taejon, KR), Bak; Yu Hyeon (Taejon, KR), Kim; Chang Soo (Taejon, KR), Shin; Bum Joo (Taejon, KR), Kim; Myung Joon (Taejon, KR)

Assignee: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

International Classification: G06F 12/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/01/02018