Patent Number: 7,086,112

Title: Paint brush and makeup brush cleaning device

Abstract: The present invention thoroughly cleans paintbrushes, arts & crafts brushes, artist brushes and cosmetic brushes and comprises a tank with an open top for containing cleaning fluid, a brush frame, rotating cleaning brushes, a motor housing and top cover. The rotating cleaning brushes, together with the stationary cleaning brush, remove paint or cosmetic materials from the brushes to be cleaned. The rotating and stationary cleaning brushes each bear a bristle portion comprising tufts, which are configured in a specialized tightly packed pattern to optimize cleaning the paintbrushes artists brushes, arts & crafts brushes or cosmetic brushes to be cleaned.

Inventors: Smith; Martin (Los Angeles, CA), Brackett; Ted (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Assignee: Dynamic Cleaning Technologies, LLC

International Classification: A46B 17/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018