Patent Number: 7,086,135

Title: Method and apparatus for manufacturing glow plug

Abstract: A method for manufacturing a glow plug, the glow plug comprising a cylindrical metal shell having an internal bore formed in an axial direction, and a heater tube adapted to be press-fitted from its rear end side into the internal bore and having a leading end closed, the method comprising the steps of: place a stopper abutting on the leading end; and applying an axial load between the stopper and the metal shell so as to start a clamping of a side of the heater tube through a support member and to start a press-fit of the heater tube in the metal shell and an apparatus for manufacturing the glow plug.

Inventors: Kato; Hiroshi (Nagoya, JP)

Assignee: NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B23P 19/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018