Patent Number: 7,086,189

Title: Removable decorative basketball backboard signboard

Abstract: A sign for display on a basketball backboard includes a substantially rigid sheet of material having indicia to be displayed on a front surface thereof. The sheet of material includes a notch formed in a lower edge of the sheet of material for engaging rim. When the sign is mounted on the backboard with the rim disposed in the notch, one or more attachment devices secure the sheet to the backboard. Various attachment devices including straps, hooks, and elastic cords are disclosed. At least some of the attachment devices are reversible, such that either side of the sign can be displayed.

Inventors: Morris; James M. (Castro Valley, CA), Morris; Gail M. (Castro Valley, CA)


International Classification: G09G 3/00 (20060101); A63B 63/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018