Patent Number: 7,086,193

Title: Deer decoy with detachable movable head

Abstract: A highly portable, motorized deer decoy uses a head motor to rotate the head of the decoy approximately 125 degrees, simulating the movement of the head of a live deer. The head and front torso of the deer decoy each have plates attached. The head plate can be attached or removed from a middle plate. The head motor is attached to the lower plate and rotates the middle plate. The head portion and legs of the deer decoy may be completely detached from the body. The detachability of the head and legs provides a compact and highly mobile deer decoy that may be readily transported, assembled and operated. The decoy also has another bleat motor that enables the hunter to simulate the bleating of a deer in the woods. The movement of the deer's head and the operation of the bleating device may be remotely controlled by a hand-held remotely controlled signaling device.

Inventors: Hurst; Christopher M. (Freeburg, IL)


International Classification: A01M 31/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018