Patent Number: 7,086,314

Title: Automatic bit changing screwdriver

Abstract: A screwdriver with a bit storage member rotatable about a slotted, apertured core. A magnet-tipped push rod slides through the core. A magnetic lever arm is pivotally coupled to the core and biased toward its slot. The rod moves through the member between extended and retracted positions. In the extended position, the core is rotatable with respect to the member to position the slot adjacent a bit storage cavity; and, the lever arm is pivotally biased toward and through the slot, magnetically attracting the tool bit in the cavity. While the rod moves into the retracted position, the member is not rotatable about the core; the rod pushes the arm and bit away from the cavity, through the slot into the core; the rod's magnet moves forwardly magnetically attracting the bit; and, pushes the bit forwardly through a shaft to protrude through the shaft's open forward end.

Inventors: Wannop; George Michael (Kelowna, CA)

Assignee: FutureWorks Concepts Ltd.

International Classification: B25G 1/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018