Patent Number: 7,086,407

Title: Cleaning and sanitizing system

Abstract: A high pressure water stream(14) is discharged onto a surface to be cleaned. An ozone/water stream(16) is discharged on the same surface for sanitizing the surface. The high pressure water and ozone/water streams(14,16) are discharged simultaneously along closely adjacent paths that are either parallel (FIG. 3) or concentric (FIG. 2). The water pressure is at least about 100 p.s.i. and is preferably between 100 p.s.i. and 2000 p.s.i. The nozzles that discharge the streams (14,16) maybe movable relative to the object(s) that receives the high pressure water and ozone/water (FIG. 1). Or, they may be fixed and the object may be movable relative to them (FIG. 4).

Inventors: Lynn; Daniel W. (Bainbridge Island, WA)

Assignee: Ozone International LLC

International Classification: B08B 3/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018