Patent Number: 7,086,410

Title: Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method

Abstract: A common solvent vapor supply source 41 and a common processing gas supply source 42 supply ozone gas and steam to a plurality of processing vessels 30A, 30B. Pressures in the processing vessels are regulated by adjusting the openings of the valuable throttle valves 50A, 50B, which are placed in exhaust lines 80A, 80B, respectively.

Inventors: Chouno; Yasuhiro (Tosu, JP), Ito; Norihiro (Tosu, JP), Satake; Keigo (Tosu, JP), Iino; Tadashi (Nirasaki, JP)

Assignee: Tokyo Electron Limited

International Classification: G05D 16/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018