Patent Number: 7,086,643

Title: Spring pin assembly

Abstract: The subject invention provides a work support apparatus (20) including a spring pin assembly (32) for biasing a work piece (22) against a work stop (24), which includes a table (26) having a recess (30) with the spring pin assembly (32) disposed therein. The spring pin assembly (32) includes a housing having a side wall (48) and a top wall (50) having a circular opening (52) therethrough and a domed inner surface (54) extending upwardly from the side wall (48). A retaining pin (40) having a flat bottom surface (56) and a semi-spherical bottom portion (58) is urged against the domed inner surface (54) by a compression spring (42). A spring cup (44) transmits forces between the compression spring (42) and the flat bottom surface (56) of the retaining pin (40). A tool receiving device receives a tool for operating a holding mechanism (34) for securing the spring pin assembly (32) in the recess (30) such that the spring pin assembly (32) is removable from the top surface (28) of the table (26).

Inventors: Teague; Jeff (Hickory, NC), Woods; John (Morganton, NC), Hall; Rodney (Morganton, NC), Powell; Mike (Hickory, NC), Rice; Mike (Morganton, NC), Cline; Keith (Marion, NC)

Assignee: Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc.

International Classification: B23Q 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018