Patent Number: 7,086,655

Title: Connection between vehicle axle and suspension arm

Abstract: A vehicle suspension axle wrap is a composite tubular structure of cast or forged shells of part-tubular shape. The shells are assembled into a tubular form and welded together at juxtaposed edges. The shells can be cast or forged accurately to shape and profile to provide an improved quality axle wrap. Wall thickness variations can be designed into the shells. The juxtaposed edges are shaped to space the welding at the edges from the interior of the assembled axle wrap. The edges are beveled adjacent the external circumferential surfaces of the shells to provide a V-shaped groove at which the welding is made. There is a stepped engagement at the edges between the V-shaped groove and the internal surface of the axle wrap to prevent the welding from extending to the internal surface. Each shell is formed with an aperture at which a welded joint can be made between the axle wrap and an axle.

Inventors: Chan; David (Flintshire, GB), Peaker; Martin (Chester, GB)

Assignee: Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems Limited

International Classification: B60G 9/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018