Patent Number: 7,086,699

Title: Recliner assembly for vehicle seats

Abstract: A seat recliner assembly having a fixed gear plate having a gear portion formed therein. The gear portion is disposed about a first slot that includes a first raised collar. A movable plate having a gear portion formed therein and disposed about a second slot also includes a second raised collar. The gear portion of the movable plate is in operating engagement with the gear portion of the fixed plate and defines an annular race between an outer surface of the first raised collar and an inner surface of the second raised collar. A bearing member is disposed concentric to the inner surface of the second raised collar. First and second wedge members are disposed in the annular race and engage the bearing member. Each of the wedge members includes first and second contact features. A spring member engaging each of the wedge members biases the wedge members apart. A hub member is engaged with a drive shaft and projects through the first slot. A drive plate juxtaposed in relation to the movable plate is adapted to engage the hub member. The drive plate includes first and second engagement features to engage the first and second contact features of the first and second wedge members. Rotary motion of the drive plate causes engagement of the first engagement feature with the first contact feature followed by engagement of the second engagement feature with the second feature.

Inventors: Addison; Todd Michael (Freeport, IL), Hendren; Robert Andrew (Freeport, IL), Hudson; Curtis James (Macomb Twp., MI)

Assignee: Dura Global Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: B60N 2/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018