Patent Number: 7,086,829

Title: Film cooling for the trailing edge of a steam cooled nozzle

Abstract: A nozzle assembly (10) for a turbine engine includes an inner band (16) and an outer band (14) spaced apart from each other. An airfoil (12) installed between the bands has a leading edge (18) and a trailing edge (20). The airfoil has cavities formed in it for fluid flow through the nozzle assembly. A plurality of film cooling holes (1A 6H) are formed in a sidewall of the airfoil on a concave side of the assembly, and a plurality of film cooling holes (1J 1R) are formed in a sidewall of the nozzle on a convex side thereof. The holes are formed on each side of the airfoil, adjacent the trailing edge of the nozzle, in a plurality of rows of holes including at least a forward row (C, J), an aft row (A, L), and an intermediate row (B, K). The spacing between the intermediate row and aft row is substantially closer than the spacing between the forward row and the intermediate row.

Inventors: Fuller; Jason (Simpsonville, SC), Itzel; Gary (Simpsonville, SC), Chiurato; Cathy (Simpsonville, SC), Findlay; Matthew (Simpsonville, SC)

Assignee: General Electric Company

International Classification: F04D 29/58 (20060101); F01D 5/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018