Patent Number: 7,086,855

Title: Apparatus having improved wind resistance that is a synergistic combination of a windshield and a brooder heater pilot assembly

Abstract: The invention is an apparatus that is a synergistic combination of a windshield and a pilot light assembly for a gas burner heater. The apparatus provides reliable operation of the gas burner heater in high air flow conditions, where the air flow would normally cause the pilot light to be extinguished. The windshield, which is a partially perforated tubular chamber, provides a protected zone against high velocity air infusion for the entire pilot light assembly. The apparatus works in concert with the pilot light assembly, which also has components that provide protection from wind and can be quickly removed allowing quick cleaning and easy maintenance. The major components of the pilot light assembly are a pilot light orifice with a flame, a vented pilot housing (stack), a flame deflector cap, a pilot light gas line, a thermocouple with connecting electrical leads, a pilot base, a mounting bracket, and a windshield that surrounds the pilot light and the thermocouple. The flame deflector cap directs the flame toward the thermocouple. There is also a restrictor plate for restricting the flow of updrafts across the thermocouple and directing the flame toward the thermocouple. The invention is particularly useful in poultry brooder heaters, both ceramic and radiant, which are prone to failure as a consequence of the pilot light being blown out by the fresh air being drawn through the chicken house. The apparatus reduces the time to service a brooder.

Inventors: Brice; Martin (Charlotte, NC), MacIntosh; Frank W. (Mt. Holly, NC)

Assignee: Gas-Fired Products, Inc.

International Classification: F23D 14/12 (20060101); F23Q 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018