Patent Number: 7,086,918

Title: Low temperature process for passivation applications

Abstract: An organic electroluminescent device comprising an anode layer on a substrate, an organic layer on the anode layer, and a cathode layer on the organic layer. In one embodiment, the cathode layer is subjected to H.sub.2 plasma prior to deposition of a protective layer over the cathode. In another embodiment, the organic electroluminescent device is encapsulated with an inner encapsulation layer on the cathode layer, and an outer encapsulation layer on the inner encapsulation layer. The inner layer is optimized for adhesion to the cathode layer.

Inventors: Hsiao; Mark (Tracy, CA), Takehara; Takako (Hayward, CA), Shang; Quanyuan (Saratoga, CA), Harshbarger; William R. (San Jose, CA)

Assignee: Applied Materials, Inc.

International Classification: H01J 9/00 (20060101); H01J 9/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018