Patent Number: 7,087,001

Title: Portable handheld exercise apparatus which can be attached to a multiplicity of body parts

Abstract: The present invention is directed to a portable personal training and exercise device with a cable and pulley mechanism which also is a mobile personal training and exercise device having an ergonomic plastic external housing that with the use of straps fits in the hand as well as against different parts of the body. The present invention has a cable and pulley mechanism inside a housing which has a pulley rotatably mounted on a shaft that spins in only one direction. The pulley spins in both directions so that it is spring biased for rewinding a cord onto the pulley. Next to the pulley is a brake wheel or brake bushing that is attached to the shaft. The brake wheel or brake bushing and a pulley spinning on a single shaft inserts into a sealed ball bearing on both ends. A spring is connected to the bottom of the pulley. In the center of the pulley is a combination ball bearing/one-way clutch that turns the shaft only in one direction. The shaft is attached to the brake wheel or brake bushing. Secured around the outer edge of the brake wheel is a brake band. Secured around the outer edge of the brake bushing is a brake clamp. The brake band or brake bushing can be tightened for variable resistance through a tension adjustment assembly including a tension bolt. There is also a multi-directional guide unit mounted on the housing for allowing the pulley cords to be pulled in multiple directions with variable amounts of friction. The cord, which is wrapped around the pulley, emerges through a multi-directional bearing that rotates 360 degrees, thus allowing full range of three dimensional motion. Therefore, a user may pull the cords of the pulley for exercising various muscles of the user and adjust the resistance force of the cord at an appropriate level from the user. Different attachments can be connected to the snap at the end of the cord or cable such as a grip handle, wrist strap, waistband, ankle strap and foot strap.

Inventors: Ihli; Stephen P. (Santa Monica, CA)


International Classification: A63B 21/015 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018