Patent Number: 7,087,083

Title: Self locking fixable intervertebral implant

Abstract: An intervertebral implant which includes a block (10) with two grooves (12, 14) on opposite sides and on the longitudinal axis (A) of the block (10). The block (10) has two lateral walls and a fixing tie (16), where a first end (20) of the fixing tie (16) is adapted to be connected to the block (10) and a second end (28) of the fixing tie is a free end. The intervertebral implant includes a removable self-locking fixing member (30, 32) which is connectable with studs (34) and through which the fixing tie (16) can slide. A lateral wall (36) of the block (10) includes housings (38) adapted to cooperate with the (34) to connect the removable self-locking fixing member (30, 32) to the lateral wall (36) of the the block (10).

Inventors: Pasquet; Denis (Pessac, FR), Le Couedic; Regis (Bordeaux, FR), Senegas; Jacques (Merignac, FR)

Assignee: Abbott Spine

International Classification: A61F 2/44 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018