Patent Number: 7,087,656

Title: High temperature SiCN and SiC-type nanostructured ceramic material from block copolymer mesophases

Abstract: A block copolymer, preferably a block copolymer such as poly(isoprene-block-ethylene oxide), PI-b-PEO, is used as a structure directing agent for a polymer derived ceramic (PDC) precursor, preferably a silazane, most preferably a silazane commercially known as Ceraset. The PDC precursor is preferably polymerized after mixing with the block copolymer to form a nanostructured composite material. Through further heating steps, the nanostructured composite material can be transformed into a nanostructured non-oxide ceramic material, preferably a high temperature SiCN or SiC material.

Inventors: Garcia; Carlos (Albany, OR), Wiesner; Ulrich (Ithaca, NY)

Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.

International Classification: C04B 38/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018