Patent Number: 7,087,911

Title: Method for recycling gases used in a lithography tool

Abstract: A system and method are used to isolate a first gas from a second gas using a third gas. A first chamber includes an element that emits light based on a first gas. A second chamber uses the emitted light to perform a process and includes the second gas. A gaslock that couples the first chamber to the second chamber. A gas source supplies a third gas between the first and the second gas in the gaslock, such that the first gas is isolated from the second gas in the gaslock. The first and third gas can be pumped from the first chamber and separated from one another, such that the first gas can be recycled for reuse to form the emitting light.

Inventors: Roux; Stephen (New Fairfield, CT)

Assignee: ASML Holding N.V.

International Classification: H01J 61/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018