Patent Number: 7,088,306

Title: High gain antenna for wireless applications

Abstract: An antenna includes a ground plane and an active antenna element adjacent the ground plane. Passive antenna elements are adjacent the ground plane, and are spaced apart from the active antenna element. First parasitic gratings are adjacent the ground plane and are spaced apart from the active antenna element. Each first parasitic grating is between two adjacent passive antenna elements. A controller selectably controls the passive antenna elements for operating in a reflective mode or a directive mode. The controller includes for each respective passive antenna element at least one impedance element connected to the ground plane, and a switch adjacent the ground plane for connecting the at least one impedance element to the passive antenna element so that the passive antenna element operates in the reflective or directive mode.

Inventors: Chiang; Bing (Melbourne, FL), Lynch; Michael James (Merritt Island, FL), Wood; Douglas Harold (Palm Bay, FL)

Assignee: IPR Licensing, Inc.

International Classification: H01Q 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018