Patent Number: 7,088,472

Title: Method, system, and apparatus for image forming and processing capable of appropriately adjusting input and output properties

Abstract: A novel image forming system which includes an image input apparatus, an image processing apparatus, and an image output apparatus. The image input apparatus has an input property profile, reads an image, and converts the image into image data using the input property profile. The image processing apparatus executes an image processing operation relative to the image data. The image output apparatus has an output property profile, outputs an image using the output property profile in accordance with the image data processed through the image processing operation. The above-mentioned image processing apparatus includes a property recognizer, a memory, and a property calculator. The property recognizer reads and recognizes the input property profile and the output property profile. The memory prestores a reference property profile. The property calculator calculates an optimal property based on the input property profile, the output property profile, and the reference property profile so that the image processing operation is optimally executed with the optimal property.

Inventors: Okubo; Hiromi (Yokohama, JP), Shibaki; Hiroyuki (Kawasaki, JP), Ishii; Hiroshi (Yokohama, JP), Kubozono; Hiroki (Yokohama, JP), Oneda; Shougu (Urayasu, JP)

Assignee: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

International Classification: H04N 1/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018