Patent Number: 7,088,553

Title: Laminated suspension load beam design with dual primary metal layers sandwiching intermediate secondary layer

Abstract: A suspension load beam for carrying a slider and read/write head elements in a magnetic data storage device is formed from a composite laminate material sheet that includes first and second primary layers respectively comprising first and second structural load bearing material sheets sandwiching an intermediate secondary layer comprising a third structural load bearing material sheet. The secondary layer is made of a different material than either of the first and second primary layers. One or more areas of reduced thickness are etched into one or both of the primary layers down to the secondary layer at one or more locations on the laminate material sheet.

Inventors: Arya; Satya Prakash (San Jose, CA), Pan; Tzong-Shii (San Jose, CA)


International Classification: G11B 5/48 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018