Patent Number: 7,088,563

Title: Internal motor protector for hermetic compressor

Abstract: A protective device (1) which is attached on an internal side of a compressor, includes a housing (10) of an insulating material, a motor protector (20) placed on the housing (10) and having a thermally responsive switch inside, a fuse device (30), a connective terminal (40) electrically connected to a hermetic terminal in the compressor, and a quick connect terminal (50). A portion (11) of the housing for varying an installation position of the connective terminal (40) includes a plurality of vertical grooves (11a) and a horizontal slot (11b). These grooves and slots (11a and 11b) are formed equally spaced from one another at a periphery of the housing (10). The connective terminal (40) has an engaging part (41) and a fuse connecting part (43). The fuse connecting part (43) is inserted through the horizontal slot (11b), and the engaging part (41) is engaged with a selected vertical groove (11a) to determine a direction and/or a position of the protective device (1) in the compressor. The installation position of the connective terminal (40) for the housing (10) can be varied by selecting any groove (11a) of the plurality and the protecting device (1) can be arranged in a small space depending on the specifications of the compressor.

Inventors: Ozawa; Kouichi (Shige Numazu, JP), Satoh; Tatsuhiko (Susono, JP)

Assignee: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: H02H 5/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018