Patent Number: 7,088,990

Title: Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications

Abstract: The present invention relates to a terminal (1) for a communication network, the terminal being capable of supporting a plurality of applications (17, 18) and having means of communicating user messages. The terminal comprises means for receiving user messages having data and a header relating to one of the applications (17, 18) and means (8) for addressing the data to a respective application according to the header. In an embodiment the user messages are short messages and the data comprises characters in the short message.

Inventors: Isomursu; Pekka (Oulu, FI), Miettunen; Juhani (Oulu, FI), Lietsalmi; Mikko (Oulu, FI), Lehtonen; Arto (Tampere, FI), Nykanen; Petri (Tampere, FI), Gustafsson; Patrik (Espoo, FI)

Assignee: Nokia Mobile Phones, Ltd.

International Classification: H04Q 7/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018