Patent Number: 7,089,050

Title: Method and apparatus for measuring bladder electrical activity to diagnose bladder dysfunction

Abstract: A method of diagnosing bladder pathology uses Vesico Internal Sphincter ElectroMyogram (VISEMG) waveforms obtained from a plurality of VISEMG electrodes disposed on a patient. The VISEMG waveforms are converted to noninvasive (NI) urodynamic graphs. Further, a programmed computer assesses the condition of the bladder based on the VISEMG waveforms. The method does not require traditional urodynamics or any other invasive procedure. An apparatus to perform the inventive method uses a plurality of VISEMG electrodes placed on the patient. Each electrode signal is amplified and filtered and converted to a digital signal. A computer converts the digital signals (the VISEMG waveforms) to NI urodynamic graphs. Any combination of the VISEMG waveforms, the NI urodynamic graphs, and the condition of the bladder based on the VISEMG waveforms can then be shown on a display screen.

Inventors: Berger; Yitzhak (South Orange, NJ), Baldar; Issac P. (Livingston, NJ)


International Classification: A61B 5/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018