Patent Number: 7,089,084

Title: Search robot system

Abstract: A search robot system first divides the entire area of disaster into a mesh cell of an appropriate size, and arranges a search robot for each mesh cell. A search is made for a route of travel from an outermost mesh cell to a casualty and to an adjacent mesh cell. The search robot immediately communicates with a mother robot when a casualty is found. The search robot also communicates with the mother robot when a route to an adjacent mesh cell is found. In the search robot system, a new search robot is arranged to search in an adjacent mesh cell. Accordingly, a rescue activity that is a matter of time can be carried out by a plurality of robots.

Inventors: Ohta; Yoshiji (Kashiwara, JP), Hamamoto; Masaki (Sakurai, JP), Hara; Keita (Kashihara, JP)

Assignee: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

International Classification: G06F 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018