Patent Number: 7,089,087

Title: Limited access comfort control

Abstract: A data collection system allows occupants in one or more locations to provide indications as to their respective levels of comfort. The indications as to comfort level are preferably provided through personal computers in these locations. Each computer is programmed to display a menu of comfort level options that may be selected by the user of the computer. Each computer is operative to require that any selected comfort level be accompanied by a verification as to the user making the one or more selections. The verification preferably requires an entry of an identification that may be checked against a stored identification. Each computer is operative to timely provide the selections as to comfort level by a recognized user to a network computer. The network computer is operative to analyze the comfort level information from these computers and send one or more commands to an HVAC system providing conditioned air to the locations.

Inventors: Dudley; Kevin F. (Cazenovia, NY)

Assignee: Carrier Corporation

International Classification: G01M 1/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018