Patent Number: 7,089,089

Title: Methods and apparatus for retrieving energy readings from an energy monitoring device

Abstract: An energy monitoring device including procedures for secure communication of data from the device is disclosed. The energy monitoring device includes a public/private key pair used to encrypt and/or digitally sign communications by the device. This allows the receivers of these communications to authenticate the communications to ensure that the device and/or communications have not been compromised. The energy monitoring device is further capable of communications via an ad-hoc "mesh" network, thereby facilitating communications among devices which are substantially inaccessible due to either physical or economic limitations.

Inventors: Cumming; Daniel A. (Sidney, CA), Forth; J. Bradford (Victoria, CA), Wynans; Arthur B. (Victoria, CA), Haight; Eric K. (Victoria, CA), Ransom; Douglas S. (Victoria, CA), Hancock; Martin A. (Victoria, CA)

Assignee: Power Measurement Ltd.

International Classification: G05D 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/08/02018